Do you provide free consultations?

  • We provide free consultations with potential clients in order to review their case, discuss how we would proceed and how we can help.

Should I give a statement to the other insurance company?

  • After an accident you should never give a statement to the other person’s insurance company. They may come off as helpful but they are recording your statements which they can use against you if the matter doesn’t settle or goes to trial. It is never beneficial and you should contact an attorney prior to giving any statements.

What is medical payments coverage?

  • Medical payments coverage (MedPay) is coverage you may have as part of your own insurance policy. If you have medical payments coverage it is applied directly to your medical bills and reduces the amount you will owe after you are finished getting treated. In Colorado the minimum amount is $5,000 and if you rejected the coverage your insurance company must provide the documentation or else you receive the state minimum.

How much is it going to cost?

  • Having a personal injury attorney represent your interests does not cost any money up front. Your job is to receive treatment and get healthy without worrying about paying your attorney. If a settlement is obtained then a percentage of the settlement is the attorney’s fee. This contingent fee agreement means that if you don’t get paid a settlement then neither do we.

Can I handle my claim on my own?

  • You always have the option to handle a personal injury claim on your own, however, without knowing the different parts of the law related to insurance companies you will be at a disadvantage. Insurance companies often settle well below what your case is worth if you don’t have an attorney who holds them to what they owe.

How do my medical bills get paid?

  • Your medical bills can be paid in several ways. First, medical payments coverage from your insurance policy can pay off some of the costs. Other options can be using your own health insurance or working with treatment providers on a ‘lien’. If your treatment provider operates on a lien then the payment of those medical bills will not be paid until the settlement comes in.

My car is totaled, how am I supposed to get around?

  • Although we only handle the personal injury side of your case, oftentimes the other party’s insurance, or yours, will have rental car coverage which will allow for a vehicle. If not, there are car rental agencies which will work on a lien if you are unable to pay until a settlement.

What should I do after an accident?

  • The most important thing to do if you’re injured after an accident is to seek medical treatment and call 911. Make sure to obtain the other person’s information and if you can, take photos of the area with your cell phone. These can be used to help show which party is at fault.

What is discovery?

  • In a criminal case the prosecution is required to provide all of the evidence to the defendant or defense attorney. This allows the attorney to evaluate the strength of the case and provide advice to you on how to proceed.

This is the first time I’ve been in trouble, how does that affect my case?

  • Depending on the type of case it can be helpful and used in plea negotiations to work out a better deal and possibly provide a path for the charge not to be on your record for life. In more serious cases, or depending on the facts of the case, it may not have any impact on how the prosecution proceeds.

What are the general steps of a criminal case?

  • The first step in a case is the arraignment, which is where an accused person pleads guilty or not guilty to the charges. If a party pleads not guilty then it will be setting over for a dispositional hearing or pre-trial conference. This allows time for your attorney to receive the discovery in the case, conduct any investigation, and evaluate how the case looks. This is also the time period where plea negotiations can take place to see what type of plea bargain the prosecution is offering. If no offer is taken then the case will be set for motions hearings as well as a trial date.

Should I be speaking to the prosecutor about my case?

  • You are free to meet with the prosecutor but you have to realize that the prosecutor is not on your side. They represent the government who is trying to convict you and their interest is in obtaining a guilty plea or convicting you at trial.

The court told me I had to pay money for a jury trial, should I?

  • In municipal court and certain types of cases there is not an automatic right for a jury trial. In order to perfect your right to a jury trial you have to pay a fee within a certain amount of time after you plead not guilty. If you don’t, then any trial will only be to a judge. In most cases it is better to have a jury trial where at least 6 people will decide the facts of the case and not just one judge.

Do you accept credit cards?

  • Yes, we accept credit cards for payment but there is a 3% fee.